Things to do with your kids - Twycross Zoo

Well today was absolutely fantastic! If you are looking for an amazing, Christmassy day out with the kids, Twycross Zoo is the place for you!

We have always loved Twycross Zoo, I have brilliant memories of a monkey throwing a stick at one of my students and a teacher freaking out in the bat cave- good times! We took our son a couple of years ago on, quite possibly, the hottest day of the year — but he was too young to remember.

Sadly Covid forced us to cancel our weekend away, so we needed to find the best Christmas day out for toddlers. Our son is obsessed with orangutans and gorillas, so this was a bit of a no brainer, although slightly more than we normally spend at £35 per person (or £25 for adult and £10 for child members). Included in the price was a show from Elsa; breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea from Mrs Claus, photo with Santa and making reindeer food with the elves — as well as full entry to the zoo (normally £21.95).

We arrived at the zoo at 12, went straight through to a winter wonderland. Walking through beautifully decorated Christmas trees and candy canes, the kids were SO excited. Once you go through the entrance booths, you arrive at the North Pole Plaza where it is incredibly magical with a snow machine and plenty of photo opportunities with polar bears, penguins, Santa’s sleigh and a photo board. The kids adored this — especially our youngest (2), who decided to make snow angels and soaked her clothes within 10 minutes!

After a quick walk around to see the orangutans, we went back to the square to see the Ice Queen’s show (there are three showings). Elsa was fantastic, she had a beautiful voice, held her character very well, interacted with the children and encouraged them to get involved with singing and magic. Everyone was awestruck — so adorable!

More animals, then we headed back for Santa’s story time with Mrs Claus. We didn’t realise that you could get a magic key to put on the Christmas tree and a photo with Santa (we were having more snow fun!) However, we managed to grab Santa for a photo and he had all the time in the world for us!

The gingerbread kitchen was also very well decorated, obviously we couldn’t make gingerbread with Mrs Claus but she got the children to mix the magic ingredients for her.

Another picture and a chat with Santa and then afternoon tea collection. It was delicious!!!!

We then headed to the tent to make reindeer food with an elf who gave us lots of interesting facts. Who knew that reindeers eyes turn blue in winter to help them see in the dark?

Then some time in the fab play area. Climbing walls, slide, swings, see saw and train… the kids loved it.

To finish the day, we went back to see the orangutans. As it was dark, the indoor enclosure had the light on so we had a great view. They were on top form too — banging on the window, swinging and showing off, even pulling funny faces against the glass. We never imagined that we would be playing games with a baby orangutan. Definitely the highlight of my sons day. Walking back to the entrance, we went through the enchanted woodland, which was beautifully lit and we were met by the elves, Santa, Mrs Claus and Elsa for a photo opportunity — perfect timing!

It was worth every penny and we already look forward to going back next year.