Paultons Park

This place is the BEST UK THEME PARK EVER (in our opinion!) 

After the first lockdown, we wanted to treat the kids to something special for their birthday, so we went to Paultons Park. As George was literally on the cusp of 1m in height, we booked him a ticket! However, he fit just under the measuring barrier so we were able to get a voucher to visit again for him. We booked for the Christmas special November (including a ticket for my Mum’s birthday present), which was cancelled, and then December and March… Finally, we could visit on an INSET day! 

It was SO exciting! We have been twice before, in the rain, and absolutely loved it. Today, the weather was glorious and we were going to have a great time!

We arrived at 9.30 and were able to walk around the Japanese gardens, which were stunning. 

When the theme park opened at 10, we headed straight to the Lost World, the dinosaur themed part of the park. We love the huge dinosaurs and the rides are brilliant. It is fantastic that the majority of the rides are suitable for 1m plus. George headed straight to Velicoraptor, a rollercoaster that reverses high up and drops on the track and when completed, travels backwards. Chloe went on Dino Chase which is a little bit tamer, but a great rollercoaster for little ones. We also enjoyed Boulder Dash (a spinning boulder or dinosaur egg), The Dinosaur Tour Co and Flight of the Pterosaur. We then met Spike the dinosaur for a photo opportunity and then headed to Peppa Pig World via Critter Creek, where we went on the Cat-o-pillar Coaster which was a lot of fun! 

We went to meet Peppa and George, which was the highlight of Chloe’s day, and went on lots of rides including the Windy Castle, Grandpa Pig’s Little Train and The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride. 

The highlight for us was the new Tornado Springs. This area is awesome!!!!!!! The main ride, Storm Chaser, exceeded our expectations. I can’t believe that my little 4 year old was tall enough for this thrillseeker ride! He LOVED it! This spinning roller coaster is high and fast! We went on it 3 times! 

I LOVE Paulton’s Park. It is clean, the staff are incredibly helpful and friendly. The themed areas are very detailed and add to a spectacular day out. Their covid measures are outstanding, with sanitising stations everywhere and with the mandatory face coverings in lines, as well as social distancing markings and reduced capacity (the longest we queued was 20 minutes!) We felt very safe.

Although it is not a cheap day out (tickets are over £35 each for visitors over 1m) I think it is well worth the money! 

We were there from opening to closing time and we didn’t do everything! I feel a good day out is one that leaves you wanting more. We can’t wait to go back!!!!!