Things to do with the kids - Mead Open Farm

Up bright and early this morning to hit the Mead Open Farm’s Santa’s Rooftop Ramble. I have only been to Mead once, and George was only 9 months old, so it was going to be a whole new experience! Thanks to Covid, our Cadbury World trip was cancelled for today, so I desperately tried to find another Christmassy day out for the kids. Mead is only 20 minutes away from us, but I’ve always found it a bit expensive. However, today, I thought it was worth every penny.

Obviously, booking last minute meant that we could either have the early slot or last slot of the day. We chose 8.30, as we didn’t think it would be much fun spending hours in the dark! The children were so excited and we were the first ones at the door to go in. When we went into the farm we were greeted by Mother Christmas and then went into the Rooftop Ramble.

To be honest, we didn’t really know what to expect. We sat on socially distanced benches in front of a high stage, dressed as a rooftop. Santa told us a story about Dinky the elf and how he always wished he was taller, until he managed to save Christmas one year. We then had the chance to go up to the stage to meet him (it is high enough to social distance). He asked the children what they wanted for Christmas and then had a photo opportunity. The elf then directed us through to the workshop where the children could pick their own gift. There was a good selection, something for every age, including a baby toy, magic set, joke set etc. Chloe chose a cuddle unicorn (which she dropped straight into a muddy puddle) and George chose a car that transforms into a dinosaur. Great gifts!

We then had an hour to kill before the Elf Academy, so we went into soft play. It is pretty cool! Loads of slides, an under 5s area, a vegetable patch themed area and all sorts of ropes and climbing things. The kids LOVED it, especially the very high bumpy slide.

The Elf Academy was good. Elf Holly and Tinsel train you to be a part of the Elf Academy Stealth Edition. Again, it is performed on a raised stage and you sit on socially distanced benches. The elves are funny and it is very interactive as you have to make reindeer noises and join in with various actions and movements. I did feel that this was slightly long for the little ones, but half an hour is a great amount of time for the show. At the end of the show, you join the academy and are given an elf hat.

We then completed the North Pole Expedition. When you enter the farm, you are given a card with a QR code that can be scanned to complete this. There are various Christmas characters, around the farm, that you need to find to get clues. If you solve the problem, you get a prize from Mother Christmas. The characters are brilliant! The actors are so interactive and funny, a lovely experience.

We then had lunch at the Grainstore Kitchen, we had the wagyu burger (delicious!) and the kids had pizza and chicken goujons. Not badly priced and decent sized portions.

We decided to go back into soft play, it was a bit drizzly and cold and also paid a visit to the outdoor play area, which again is very well equipped with lots of slides and imaginative play.

There are so many things that we missed out today, due to the weather, but we will definitely come back. We want to try out the mini golf, the high ropes, the bouncy pillows and the go karts. Bring on the summer!

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