Canonteign Falls

When you visit Devon, it is inevitable that you envisage the stunning landscapes, the beaches, the valleys and the amazing waterfalls. We had previously visited Becky Falls (pre kids!) which was incredible, however we decided to visit Canonteign instead because there was an image of a dinosaur with it! It was a fabulous place to visit, but it was a very difficult walk for little legs. Full respect to our kids, they were great! Chloe (3) spent most of her time on Steve’s shoulders but George (5) walked the whole way.

When we arrived, we went straight to a playground which had a swing, a pirate themed climbing frame and two trampolines. Of course, the kids went crazy despite telling them to save their energy for the walk! Chloe also fell out of the trampoline - which wasn’t ideal! After wiping a few tears and a packet of Quavers, she was ready to face the walk. It was a fabulous hike with stunning views but it was steep with uneven ground. It was very difficult for little legs but they gave it a good go. There were plenty of places to stop and sit on the route with some look out points for fabulous photos! When we got to the top of the falls, there was a fern jungle which had the bit that George was most excited for… the dinosaur. He was extremely disappointed when it was just a wicker sculpture in the middle of the jungle. There were a couple of fairies hanging from a tree and a couple of large bugs further on the walk. At the end of the trail there was an adventure playground/obstacle course. It was aimed for older children but our two loved it! We finally walked through a sensory garden with bee hives and lots of beautiful plants and went back to the start with a cafe and gift shop. It truly was a magical walk, however I would wait until the kids are a bit older before attempting the walk again!